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05/20//15 Trust Issues and Matters which Deserve Close Attention
03/04//15 When Do You Need a Caregiver Agreement?
12/04//14 Second Marriages and “Live-in Lovers” Require Planning
07/03//14 A Good Estate Plan Will Avoid “The Last Minute Switcheroo”
02/14//14 Leveraging Income Tax Deferral Can Be Great for Grand-Children
09/13//13 Leaving Assets to Kids, Not In-Laws, is a Popular Planning Technique
09/02//13 Avoiding Legal Problems is The Name of The Game
08/12//13 Live in Lovers, “Common Law” Marriage and the Elective Share
07/22/13 When Does Permanent Mean Temporary?
11/13/12 Why Are Trusts So Popular?
10/02/12 Why is a Will alone a ticket to probate court?
09/18/12 How Should Assets Be Titled? Beneficiaries Designated?
08/14/12 Leaving the Door Open for Medicaid Planning is Key
08/01/12 Keeping Your Assets in Your Family is Easy if You Plan For It
06/22/12 Flexibility and Control:
The Two Keys to a Successful Estate Plan
05/26/12 Good Planning Neutralizes Threats
05/15/12 Trusts Can Protect and Preserve
“Family Property”
05/01/12 Two Main Benefits of Trusts
03/20/12 A Word on Planning With Retirement Plans
02/14/12 Good Planning Should Be Had By Every Family
02/01/12 Main Threats To Your Estate Can Easily Be Avoided
01/18/12 The Purpose of a Good Estate Plan
11/15/11 When Planning, Ask the Right Questions
11/01/11 Best Way to Inherit Property
10/18/11 Avoiding Probate is Worthy, But ..How?
10/04/11 Prevention of Problems is What Gives Peace of Mind
09/20/11 Five Reasons You Need to Plan Other Than to Avoid Probate
09/07/11 A Good Estate Plan Will be Properly Coordinated
08/16/11 To pay or not to pay…or how to pay
08/02/11 Keeping it in the Family...Priceless
07/19/11 Sound Trust Based Planning Can Avoid Costs and Headaches
06/14/11 Think Twice Before Disinheriting A Loved One
06/01/11 Avoiding Unnecessary Negatives is Key
05/17/11 Blame it on “The Circumstances”
03/15/11 Good Planning Imparts Values... Not Just Assets
03/01/11 When is “Beyond the Reach” Good?
02/15/11 Good Plans Make Good Sense
02/01/11 Advance planning is just that...done in advance
01/19/11 Get Help When You Are Responsible to Administer an Estate
01/04/11 The Government Has a Plan, Shouldn’t You?
12/14/10 Plan to Keep it in Your Family
12/01/10 Co-ordinated Asset Titling and Beneficiary Designations are Key to Success
11/16/10 Your Peace of Mind Begins with the Initial Meeting
11/02/10 Agree Not to Change Plan So You Can Keep it in Your Family
10/19/10 Unfunded Trusts Can Be Costly
10/05/10 Avoiding Unintended Consequences is Wise
09/14/10 Can Irrevocable Trusts be Undone or Changed?
09/01/10 You Must Plan Ahead To Protect Your Property
08/17/10 Jointly Owned Property Has Many Wrinkles
08/03/10 Trust But Verify
07/20/10 Best Ways to Benefit Your Grandchildren
07/06/10 How To Ensure Your Kids Will Not Be Disinherited
06/01/10 Leaving assets “in trust” solves many problems
05/04/10 Three Options If You Do Not Want To Hurt Feelings
Published in CH2 May 2010
04/20/10 Trusts avoid problems and protect assets
04/06/10 Assessing Your Professional
03/16/10 Avoiding Problems Is Key
02/17/10 Estate Tax Repeal…Now What?
01/05/10 A Good Estate Plan Will Provide You With Peace Of Mind
12/01/09 Trusts Allow You to Achieve Worthy Goals
11/17/09 Is a Roth IRA Conversion
Right For You?
11/03/09 When Planning Your Estate Keep It Simple…But Not Too Simple
10/20/09 End Of Year Checklist to Protect Your Family
10/06/09 Where You Live Can Impact On Inheritance
09/15/09 Leaving Assets In Trust Protects Your Family
09/01/09 "Incentive to Work" Can Be built in to Your Plan
08/18/09 Estate & Asset Protection Planning is a Process
08/04/09 To Stretch or Not to Stretch
07/21/09 An Ounce of Prevention
07/07/09 A Word on the Elective Share
06/16/09 Asset Protection: It’s a Good Thing
06/02/09 Why is "Domicile" Important?
05/19/09 "Joint Trusts" Can Create Real Problems
05/05/09 Why Is "Basis" So Important?
04/21/09 Not All "Shelter" Trusts Are The Same
04/08/09 Bubble Wrap" Your Money
03/16/09 Three Big Mistakes In Estate Planning
03/03/09 Second Marriages/Live In Lovers
02/18/09 Good Estate Planning Is More Than Who Gets What
01/27/09 Everyone Should Have The Basics, At Least
01/07/09 Drawing Trusts For Privacy Is Important, Too
12/18/08 Is A Living Trust A Need Or A Want
11/20/08 It May Be Wise To Convert Traditional IRA To Roth IRA
11/07/08 Winning Depends On A Good Offense And A Good Defense
10/22/08 A Little Bit Of Planning Can Make A Big Difference
10/01/08 Top Five Estate Planning Mistakes
09/12/08 Flexibility And Control Are Important
08/20/08 The Best Way To Own Life Insurance
08/07/08 Is Your Plan Good? Check Your Gut
07/23/08 Modern Estate Plans Should Be Flexible
07/09/08 Two Cardinal Rules Of Estate Planning
06/17/08 Self-Help And Estate Planning Does Not Mix
06/04/08 Retirement Assets Are Unique And Pose Unique Issues
05/21/08 Real Estate Is Unique
05/08/08 Trusts Can Protect & Preserve "Family Property"
04/23/08 Who Will Serve As Fiduciary
03/21/08 Revocable Trust Is A Good Way To Avoid
02/18/08 Asset Protection Comes In A Variety of Forms
02/06/08 Flexibility & Control Are Important
01/23/08 Retirement Assets Are Exposed To Income Taxes And Estate Taxes
01/09/08 "Trusts" - Used To Protect Assets For Centuries